Intelligent Actuator Solutions designed to meet the toughest aerospace challenges


Lightweight actuator flight control built to exacting specifications

OTM has a rich history in supplying electro-mechanical and mechatronic systems to the Aerospace industry. Our expertise in extracting premium actuator power while meeting the need for increasingly lighter weight, space-constrained units is just one of the factors that continues to set us apart from our competitors. 

The Aerospace industry demands that actuators are built to very high, flight-safe specifications of reliability and accuracy. We put  extraordinary work into the design of each and every one of the actuator units we build in this space. 

With a proud record of success behind us, in UAV flight control surface actuation. In particular, our units are tried and tested and built to such a high spec that we are

able to deploy them easily into other applications in the knowledge that they will meet the necessary demands. Over the years we have tailored our technology to other uses such as military ejector seats, nose wheel control and ground re-fuelling hose deployment without having to drastically re-invent the technology.


Premium Aircraft Seat Actuators

OTM has been hugely successful in designing and manufacturing Actuators for premium aircraft seats situated on private jets and first class.

Our solutions provide smoother, more refined movement at a significantly lower weight – a saving of up to 5kg per seat.

UAV Flight Control Actuator

UAV Flight Control Actuators

Flight Control Actuators work in the skin of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to operate the moving flight control surfaces via remote control. OTM’s actuator units are flight qualified across the environmental and reliability spectrum where safety and accuracy are paramount. They were specifically designed to achieve optimum levels of reliability, positional accuracy and power to weight ratio.


Fast Jet Ejection Seat Actuator

OTM has been designing and manufacturing fast jet ejection seat actuators for amongst others Martin Baker.

Partly as a result of the work, it is estimated that over 7,500 lives have been saved!

Fast Jet Ejector Seat Actuator

Our Actuator Solutions are ITAR-free

To ensure simplicity for our customers the Microcontroller/Microprocessors electronic components used within our actuators are ITAR-free. In addition the discreet electronic components developed within our actuators will not use components classified under ITAR regulations. Finally, all other electronic components used will be of commercial/industrial grade off the shelf products.

Some projects we have worked on........


Flight Control Actuator

Rotary actuator exceeds flight safety regulations by 4x and delivers 40% more power than its rival solutions.


Ejector Seat Actuator

OTM has a long history of developing life-saving Fast Jet Ejection Seat Actuators.


Taranis UAV

Linear throttle control actuator designed to function safely and accurately at extreme temperatures.


Flight Crew Seat

Designed and developed an Actuator Solution saving 5kg per seat.


UAV Actuator

Flight Actuator exceeds flight safety regulations by 4x and delivers 40% more power than its rival solutions.


Premium Air Passenger Seat

Designed and developed an Actuator Solution saving 5kg per seat.

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