OTM Case Studies

Some examples of how we developed Actuators, designed to meet the toughest challenges

Case Study


BAE Systems are at the forefront of UAV development. The High Endurance Rapid Technology Insertion (Herti) drone was developed by BAE first and foremost as a military drone. BAE were in the process of adapting the drone for use in a non-military environment.

Case Study

UAV Flight Control Rotary Actuator

Following a successful outcome in the development of a flight safe throttle actuator for the Herti UAV drone, BAE Systems were then confronted with some similar issues when upgrading the flight control surface actuators. As previously determined, the physiology of the aircraft was not able to be changed so space and weight were once more limiting factors.

Case Study

Missile Fin Actuators

For three years a S. American arms supplier had wrestled with how to power the missile fins on its anti-artillery, surface to surface missile. The problem was that the fin control actuator had to be powerful enough to deliver output torque of 50Nm while weighing less than 2.75kg. The unit could only be housed in the limited space between the outer skin of the missile and the rocket motor. To deliver that kind of power from a unit this small would be exceptional.

Missile Fin
Case Study

Hose Deployment Actuator

A trusted and proven supplier in military aircraft air-to-air refuelling, the customer was presented with a major challenge. When the in-flight refuelling equipment was serviced on the ground, the heavy-duty fuel hose had to be rewound via a manually operated handle. This process was arduous, time consuming and potentially unsafe. In a high pressure and time-critical military environment such as this, it became apparent that a faster, safer and auto-controlled means of winding the fuel hose needed to be found.

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