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Intelligent Actuator Solutions for Aerospace, Defence and Oil and Gas

Sectors we Serve

Actuator solutions that consistently pass the toughest tests

To be able to meet the standards demanded by uncompromising industries like Aerospace, Defence and Oil and Gas requires a specific mindset and attitude to problem solving that OTM has in abundance.

Our past and present successes in these fields have taken actuator development to new levels of power and reliability maintained under extreme restrictions of both weight and size. Behind us is an impressive success record in Aerospace and Defence where the specifications required are of the highest safety and reliability standards.

We have been able to take that core technology and customise it to other industries such as Oil and Gas. Using that proven technology we can tailor it to other projects and reduce the subsequent

development times in the knowledge that it has been tried and tested to the most rigorous standards. 

Experience has furnished us with the know-how to understand the specific problems associated with the demanding and sometimes hostile environments associated with these challenging industries. That’s why companies like BAE, Thales and Halliburton have relied on OTM to meet some tough challenges in actuator system design and implementation.

Sectors we Serve


Operating successfully in an industry as demanding as Defence requires an in-depth understanding of the issues that confront actuator manufacturers in this space.

Our Aerospace ancestry gives our actuator units an immediate advantage being built to the highest possible specification and expertly designed to deliver immense power from extremely lightweight, space-constrained units.

Missile Fin Actuator
UAV Flight Control Actuator
Sectors we Serve


OTM has a rich history in supplying electromechanical and mechatronic systems to the Aerospace industry. That pedigree has been formed on the design and engineering innovation that has helped us build lightweight actuators that still deliver supreme power.   

Sectors we Serve

Oil and Gas

Often remote controlled and fully submerged in well slurry or hydraulic oil, OTM’s actuation solutions for the Oil and Gas industries build on their origins in the high spec aerospace environment. They are designed to be resilient, reliable and able to operate in extreme conditions.

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