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Intelligent Actuators designed to meet the toughest challenges of the Oil and Gas industry

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Oil and Gas

Proven actuator performance

Often remote controlled and fully submerged in shell slurry or hydraulic oil, OTM’s actuation solutions for the Oil and Gas industries build on their origins in the high spec aerospace environment. They are designed to be resilient, reliable and able to operate in extreme conditions.

Oil and Gas

Global Solutions

Since 2009 OTM has built tailored actuator products to solve problems for our multi-national and international customers in this demanding industry.

Initially designed for the shallow waters of the North Sea, our Intelligent Actuators Solutions were upgraded to cope with higher pressure and temperature  environments found off the Mexican coast. Our products are chiefly used in well intervention tools and are in current use all over the globe.

Oil and Gas

Continuous evolution

One characteristic of oil and gas production is the industry rarely stands still. Once our actuators are installed in-situ, our interest doesn’t end there. Our development team are continuing to build on existing solutions and working on new solutions with customers to ensure a continuous and improving service.

Some of our Oil and Gas Actuators....


Valve Actuator


Instrument Pod




Drilling Probe


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