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Missile Fin Actuator

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In a world increasingly reliant on smart communications, OTM operates at the forefront of cutting-edge technology to develop intelligent actuation solutions where reliability, power to weight ratio and accuracy are paramount. Through integration of on-board electronics our innovative actuator solutions communicate autonomously to enhance position, diagnostics and control.

OTM’s Intelligent Actuator Solutions are built to the highest specifications as demanded by the aerospace / defence industry. Our impressive record of success in these fields has been built on our ability to design and build actuator solutions with specific characteristics:

  • Deriving superior power from an actuator unit confined by space or weight
  • Delivering optimum performance where the unit is required to perform in a hostile environment and at extremes of temperature
  • Application in a maintenance-free setting or where a consistent level of reliability is essential

Our achievements in this field have been realised through OTM’s unique problem solving approach. We have perfected the means to ensure our intelligent actuator solutions are built to maximise these attributes and are highly specialised in meeting the exacting needs of the Aerospace and Defence industries. From missile fin actuators where space and reliability are at an absolute premium to UAV drone flight control surfaces where weight limitation and accuracy are paramount.

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Missile Fin Actuators

When a missile is launched, it arrives at its intended target via the automatic movement and control of the fins located on the body of the weapon. Intelligent actuators position the fins which communicate with the onboard processor using positional feedback to adjust the fins and direct the missile accordingly.

The stresses involved in guiding a missile require actuator systems that possess significant power and positional accuracy to be able to propel the weapon in the right direction while maintaining levels of reliability and safety that are paramount in military applications.    

Missile Fin Actuator
UAV Flight Control Actuator
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UAV Flight Control Actuators

Flight Control Actuators work in the skin of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to operate the moving flight control surfaces via remote control. OTM’s actuator units are flight qualified across the environmental and reliability spectrum where safety and accuracy are paramount. They were specifically designed to achieve optimum levels of reliability, positional accuracy and power to weight ratio.

Our Solutions

Our Innovation Lab

Our Innovations Hub takes the core, high spec technology developed for aerospace/defence and puts it to work to tackle challenges across a number of other fields. Using our 8 Step Development Process, our engineering brains are put to work develop bespoke actuator applications to solve problems where previously a solution had seemed impossible.

Our Solution-Based Innovation Process




Define the problem requiring a solution



Fact Find

Gather facts and make assumptions




Identify desired end-state




Establish success measurement criteria





Develop possible options / solutions





Analyse and compare possible solutions




Select and implement solution




Test solution for effectiveness / impact

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