Fast Jet Ejection Seat Actuator

Next generation Intelligent Actuator designed to meet the toughest challenges

What is a Fast Jet Ejector Seat Actuator?

A Fast Jet Ejection Seat Actuator is used to control the position of the ejector seat. It also helps ensure that the ejector seat deploys with minimum delay.

An ejector or ejection seat is a system designed to ensure that a  pilot or other crew of a usually military aircraft can escape in an emergency. In most cases, the seat and the pilot is propelled out of the aircraft by an explosive charge or rocket.

Our intelligent actuators have been used in some of the most iconic ejection seats such as those manufactured by Martin Baker.

Fast Jet Ejector Seat Actuator

What makes our Fast Jet Ejection Seat Actuator different?

OTM has been designing and manufacturing gears and actuators for over 40 years. Many, but not all of these have been for the Aerospace and Defence industries. Our solutions are specifically designed and customised for situations where reliability, positional accuracy and supreme power to weight ratio are vital.

Delivering successful actuator solutions in Aerospace and Defence has been at the core of our success at OTM. It’s our in-depth understanding of the particular needs of flight in particular that helps us stay one step ahead in solving the problems that continue to defeat many of our competitors.  When we successfully delivered solutions for defence giants such as BAE Systems and Thales.

Our core technology has been tried and tested over many aerospace projects and our actuator units are flight qualified across the environmental and reliability 

spectrum. Importantly all our Actuators are ITAR Free, so there’s no prohibition on supply.

We specifically design our actuators using OTM’s plug and play methodology. This means they are easily adapted and used in other similar applications without having to re-design entire systems. By building this flexibility into our solutions we can drastically reduce lead time in new actuator development projects.  

How we design and build our Fast Jest Ejector Seat Actuator

OTM has worked in Aerospace and Defence for almost five decades and has devoted a significant amount of time to developing accurate and reliable aerospace actuation.

To facilitate this journey towards achieving the best outcome, we have refined our design and manufacture process through years of learning how best to solve the toughest problems in defence and aerospace.

Our robust problem-solving methodology means that we first define exactly what the challenge is to be solved. This allows us to identify what a successful solution would look like.

The OTM design process is a collaborative one where our designers and engineers consider all possible solutions in a constraint-free environment. The pool of knowledge and experience within our Innovation Lab enables us to carry out full analysis and comparison with evidence-based assessment on likely success.

From there we can draw on the analysis and our expertise to select the best solution and implement it using tried and tested methodology. Once proto-typed we can then put the chosen actuator solution through a rigorous testing process to ensure that the theory matches the practice.

All our actuators are also subject to stringent civil safety and reliability regulations in order to be put into active service.

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