High powered, space-constrained actuation solutions for the Aerospace, Defence and Oil and Gas Industries

When you need the maximum level of actuator power, precision and control, sometimes in seriously hostile environments, OTM’s engineering design and expertise consistently succeeds where others fail.

Our Solutions

OTM’s Intelligent Actuator Solutions are built to the highest specifications as demanded by the customers we serve.

Missile Fin Actuators

Missile Fin Actuators

Our modular and configurable missile fin actuators ensure maximum power density

UAV Flight  Control Actuator

UAV Flight Control Actuator

Our intelligent flight control actuator delivers power, total reliability and control

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Robust innovation (R&D) process to solve customers actuation challenges

Sectors we serve

OTM design, develop and build Intelligent Actuator Solutions for the defence, aerospace and oil & gas industries.


Missile Fin Actuator

OTM has extensive experience developing building successful Actuator Solutions for the Defence industry providing accuracy and dependability in critical applications. 


UAV Flight Control Actuator

OTM can boast of a proud record in providing Intelligent Actuator Solutions for the Aerospace industry where exceptional power to weight ratio is paramount.

Oil & Gas

OTM Servo

OTM’s remote controlled actuation solutions for the Oil and Gas industries are designed to be resilient and reliable and in extreme conditions.

The OTM Difference


Unparalleled positional feedback accuracy and precision and performance exceeding required flight safety standards by a factor of four.


Superior power to weight ratio from actuators designed to generate significantly more force than equivalent rival solutions.


Intelligent actuation with onboard closed loop technology for supremely reliable and accurate autonomous control.


Almost 60 years’ tried and tested record of success in the ultra demanding fields of aerospace and defence.


Unrivalled in-house design and engineering expertise to solve the toughest actuation problems where others tried and failed.

Customer Centricity

Ongoing post-installation upgrade and service for continuity of maintenance and reliable operation. 


About us

From the high precision gears and gear boxes we manufactured in the early 1960s through to the specialist actuators we make today, design and engineering innovation have sat at the very core of everything we do at OTM.

Our impressive pedigree in the Aerospace, Defence and Oil and Gas industries is built around the pioneering approach we have always applied to meeting the toughest challenges. Putting the finest engineering brains to work to devise solutions to the toughest problems is the reason we exist and why we consistently succeed in the most taxing of environments.

These industries demand the highest levels of reliability, accuracy and durability where compromise is not an option. We are never happier than when we are applying our in-house expertise to meeting our customers’ exacting requirements. 

When you need the best available, you can rely on OTM to deliver.

Some projects we have worked on........


Avibras Missile Fin Actuator

Innovative space-constrained design offering premium power and accuracy in a maintenance-free environment.


Fast Jet Ejector Seat Control Actuator 

In use by air force personnel worldwide to adjust the ejector seat where human safety is paramount.


UAV Flight Control Actuator

Rotary actuator exceeds flight safety regulations by a factor of four and 40% more power than its rival solutions.


BAE Taranis UAV

Throttle control actuator designed to function safely and accurately at the extreme temperatures next to the drone jet engine. 

Warrior Wiper Blade Actuator

Brushless DC motor with variable power capability enabling actuator to maintain consistent power in poor conditions when there is accumulation of snow, mud or ice on the blades.


Drilling Probe Actuator

Epicyclic gearbox used in a steerable drilling probe. Fully functional when fully submersed in well slurry and designed to be user serviceable in the field. 

Some of our customers

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