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The Patience of Assembly

The Patience of Assembly A highly experienced team of engineers….. One of the attributes that set OTM apart from the competition is our knowledge and expertise in gears and gearing systems. We’re comfortable in the knowledge that our skilled designers can create the solution to solve your problem. But, equally, nowhere is our superiority more evident than in our Assembly area. Our highly skilled team patiently fit and build electro-mechanical units with absolute precision, testing thoroughly at each stage of the build process. At OTM it takes at least two years for a......

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Expert In-house Design Team

Expert In-house Design Team A highly experienced team of design engineers….. One of the many features that sets OTM aside from our competitors is the significant expertise and vast experience contained within our design team. It’s the challenge of solving the toughest actuation problems that motivates them to push their knowledge and skills to the limit and to continue to upgrade and develop products to meet customers’ needs well into the future. Working in an environment that enables them to function as a close-knit team and put their collective knowledge into solving the......

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The Joy of Being ITAR-free ITAR dominates the discussion on selling and re-selling any military grade solutions which is why we’re proud to say we’re ITAR-free. On the pages of this website we go out of our way at OTM to stress our policy on using ITAR-free components throughout all our actuation solutions. What exactly does this mean, why is this important and what benefits does it impart to our customers? The International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) was originally enacted by the United States in 1976 as a security initiative during the......

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